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Meet CreativeLamp (Creative Lamp) - We are a Houston Web Design & Development Firm located in the heart of Houston's Energy Corridor. We are here for you almost anytime day or night to chat about your project, answer all your questions and support you every step of the way. In a nut shell, we cater to your web design and programming needs, domain registration, site hosting and maintenance.

In other words: we are here to help with just about everything to get your small business from where it is this very moment to where you want to take it in the near future.

Online Growth Difficult, Possible

Houston Web Design study reveals key performance indicators for online market growth

The online market has yet to reveal it's growth potential limitations. Yet, a recession economy has found many small business owners cutting advertizing budgets and this has caused adverse growth effects for smaller web design companies and freelancers in particular.

While some voices are optimistic about a possible turnaround, Alexander Roos, a partner at the Boston Consulting Group, is less inclined to believe that we are about to see a burst of activity.

A recent study by researchers of the IAX-MP Institute, revealed that highly creative, audience targeted web pages significantly outperformed their counterparts. In a press conference in Chicago, lead researcher Jurgen Staffelhaus underlined the importance of brand uniqueness through creative design.

CreativeLamp has served small business owners, regardless of economic climate, with nothing but the best web design practices and creative approach. Along with customer service and satisfaction, the pillars of our success.

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